First Time Guest

What Should I Wear?
People come dressed in many different styles of attire; from “Sunday best” to comfortable casual. Above all, we want you to feel right at home no matter the style. You matter to us; not your clothes. Come as you are. We’ll be glad you’re here!

Where should I go?
The main services takes place in the Worship Center, which is the first and largest building on campus. If you have any questions about where to find certain classes or buildings, our greeters will be more than happy to assist you in helping you make your way around campus. Greeters and ushers are also ready to assist in helping you and your family as you join us.

What About Childcare?
Childcare is available for all our services and activities. We have a staffed nursery that will care for your little ones while you attend our church. We take seriously the safety and comfort of your child. Our staff is available for any questions you may have.

What Is Your Worship Service Like?
As you enter the doors, our friendly ushers and greeters will greet you with a smile and offer you a copy of our weekly bulletin that includes the order of service and announcements of upcoming programs and events. If you need assistance, our ushers are available to help with any questions or needs you may have.
We have one service that begins at 11:00 a.m. and lasts an hour. We try to incorporate a blended style of worship that will invite those that like the traditional hymns and modern worship songs to worship. We strive to maintain a God-focused time of worship that includes music, fellowship, prayer, testimony, sermon and a time of response. The sermons are Biblical, life applicable messages that challenge and encourage the believer in their walk with Christ.

Will I Be Pointed Out As A Guest?
No. We will not put any pressure on you to raise your hand or stand up. We want you to feel at home and relaxed while you are with us. We do welcome guests that may be in our services and make an effort during our fellowship time to meet you, but we don’t put any emphasis on pointing anyone out. We use a Guest Registry in our front entrance that will give you an opportunity to fill out various information about who you are and what other areas of our church you might be interested in. It’s also a way to let us know how we can pray for any needs you may have.

Will Someone Ask Me For Money?
We do collect tithes and offerings during our morning services. While we believe this is a chance for each believer to steward their tithes and offerings to the Lord, we do not expect you to give an offering while you are our guest. We would not want you to feel the need to give anything out of compulsion. The offering opportunity is for our regular attendees and for those who desire to give. Our giving time is done through collection plates during our worship service.

What Bible Version Do You Use?
Our pastor preaches from the New King James Version. However, we would like you to bring whatever Bible you are comfortable with. We will also place the passage of text our pastor is preaching from on the screen during our services. God’s Word is the standard of our faith and practice, and we strive to maintain the integrity of Scripture.