Eastern Kentucky Mission

For the last three years, New Harmony has journeyed to Fleming Neon, Kentucky to partner with the local Baptist church there for a week of missions. The first year, we took 15 people with us. This last year, we took 53! This is a growing ministry! It has been a great blessing to partner with the faithful believers in the mountains of East Kentucky. Missions affects this world in three ways: 1) It impacts the community you are going to, 2) It impacts the people that serve on the mission trip, and 3) It impacts the church that sent the team on the mission trip.

Here are some things we do in Eastern Kentucky:

  • VBS
  • Door-to-Door visitation: We take homemade cookies, flip flops, and a flyer about the upcoming week of ministry. This also opens doors for us to get to know the community and share the Gospel.
  • Centershot
  • Movie Night
  • Ball Game
  • Community Cookout
  • Block Party
  • Construction

We also have two special positions for a cook. This person or persons prepares three meals a day for the mission team. It is needless to say that this person is a great blessing to those serving on the mission team.

We also have someone that helps coordinate our nightly team worship. They help arrange scripture reading, worship songs, and a testimony before a sermon is delivered at the nightly devotion. We call this time “Family Worship”. It has been some of the most impactful times of worship our church members have experienced.

mission trip photo

This Year’s Mission Trip (2016)

Date: June 26th- July 2nd

Go ahead and make plans to attend this life changing mission trip! If you have an idea for a possible ministry project you would like to lead, please share that with our Pastor. In the mean time, pray!!!